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The Origins
First of all, Comprex is a child of its territory which is at the same time Italy and the Veneto region. A fascinating place where the inspiration is the reason of an inimitable style that has always combined initiative and search for perfection. It's here that from the early 80's a project inspired by the design's essential elegance took shape, presenting a new living concept. The results of Comprex intuitions are sooner appreciated by its clients, because they recognize in the brand's name the people filling up its meaning. The Comprex team succeeded, since then, in exploiting its sensibility and the listening desire to catch the weak social changes' signals and the sometimes unsaid desires. A constant and passionate work to interpret the intimate and deep need of living with the design language.
The Guide Lines
Comprex is something more than an interior design company, is an evolved and specialized entity which wins the challenges of the international marketplaces because it knows how to be as consistent as unpredictable. It is consistent because its projects are always led by its three concepts "Cucina - Immagine - Funzione" ("Kitchen - Image - Function") and it is unpredictable because these three key words acquire new ideas and solutions every time. Kitchen is for Comprex a life dimension and a form of expression of the being. Image is the dialogue a person can create starting from the shapes, the colours, the surfaces, which identify oneself in its more natural gesture, that of living the spaces. Function is its intelligence ripe fruit, it is the careful, rational, effective use of knowledge, the human being's attention for another human being. Thanks to it, we can recognise in its products a unique personality and a deeply characterized Made in Italy design. Comprex cornerstones are well established expertise and continuous research, proposal ability and planning flexibility, flawless service and executive attention, which our worldwide customers continue rewarding.
The Values
There is a difference between a good furniture dealer and an outstanding company projected towards international markets. Comprex belongs to that category of organisations able to plan out and supervise all of its work to guarantee high satisfaction standards to every customer. The company, bringing often forward the social changes, is able to offer to its evaluators a product that distinguishes itself for the high planning content, and also for its innovative employ of materials and finishing touches. With the aim to give attention to the environmental protection, all components are also chosen by virtue of their characteristic of being environmentally-friendly both during their use and in the disposal stage. Another development factor in which Comprex believes is the continuous improvement of all processes, covering all business aspects, from the products planning, the company organization, the supplier selection and the after-sales service, in a word the complete customer care. For Comprex all these aspects are fundamental steps to become a company totally dedicated to the complete satisfaction of its customers and for this reason to be known and appreciated.
The System
Comprex has always worked to translate its accomplished designers' sensibility into great furnishing products. Giving substance to its projects and realizing an exclusive kitchen, that means controlling the matter primarily, and then the thicknesses. This is the reason why "The system" is born, a concept studied by Comprex to interpret its creations. There are three interpretations: Linea - Forma - Segno and Filo. Linea is that kind of "materico" minimalism that only the 12 mm door can give you and in which the design's simplicity is perfectly integrated into its body. Forma dares more, with 18 mm of door thickness; it encourages the material experimentation and determines its space. Segno, strong of its 25 mm, is the strengthening of a presence. Its very determined personality is able to interact with the surfaces and the finishing touches, to come out richer and charming. Filo is characterized by the distinctive feature of the upper edge of its door inclined at 27° and by the cyma that runs all around its perimeter, becoming also handle and refined detail.
The Collections
To gaze into Comprex' collections is like walking alongside the enterprise and discussing together about beautiful and important things. It is an opportunity to investigate up to the more advanced design theories and, then, to see them employed in so many different variations as much as the matters and colours are. Taking a step with Comprex and its collections means studying the spaces, evaluating the functions, talking about needs and, maybe, finding what one is looking for or dreaming about.