case history / project

Rhône Alpes

Location: France
Contractor: Espace Contemporain

Forma in Silk Matt Lacquered Bianco Assoluto, Island with countertop in Corian Glacier White, tall units in Comprex Bio Rovere Termocotto Bio.                  

One of the architectural bets of this contemporary home was to be able to conceive an extension of the original kitchen that could transform it into a living, functional and practical space.
The leitmotif of this project could be summarized with the expression "I see, I do not see", a modern approach to the kitchen, conceived as an everyday living space. The island, with its countertop made of resistant material, ensures essential functions while preserving the purity of the atmosphere. The tall units, that stand vertically towards the ceiling, contribute to the aesthetics and design through their characteristic vertical grain.

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